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March 28, 2018

There’s More in Common than You Think. Although there’s a gap in generations, today’s seniors and millennials share a similar desire to downsize, declutter, and simplify their homes and finances. In 2016, the average size of homes purchased by millennials and seniors differed by just a few square feet. That makes sense,... Read More

January 29, 2018

According to US News, a new study found that seniors who regularly take walks may experience benefits specifically related to brain health and cognition. The study found that adults over the age of 60 years old struggling with memory issues were better able to focus and process information if they... Read More

December 27, 2017

The Health Care Navigator is a compassionate member of our community that provides residents with assistance concerning the full scope of health care services. From developing unique meal and exercise plans to scheduling appointments and transportation, the Health Care Navigator handles health care logistics and planning so that each resident... Read More

December 27, 2017

As 2017 comes to a close, the residents and staff at Wyndemere are thankful for the many fortunes that were experienced this year. A close-knit and active community located in Wheaton, Illinois, Wyndemere’s relentless attention to detail and devotion to health and well-being are among residents’ favorite attributes. This year... Read More

December 20, 2017

The best senior living communities understand the many benefits residents experience when they give back, and work in collaborative ways with one another. That’s why Wyndemere senior living community in Wheaton, Illinois has established resident committees that empower the residents to work together to help shape the lifestyle and activities... Read More

December 6, 2017

We all know that exercise is important at any age, but for seniors regular exercise is particularly beneficial. In addition to the physical benefits of exercise, studies show there are a variety of mental and cognitive benefits that seniors experience from a regular exercise regimen. This article from U.S. News... Read More

November 10, 2017

Starting the conversation with parents or loved ones about transitioning to a senior living community can be difficult. They may feel that the very suggestion of moving from their current home calls into question their competence and challenges their sense of self-reliance and independence. So, how can you negotiate this... Read More

November 6, 2017

The abundant arts offerings available in Chicago have always attracted tourists and locals alike. Just west of Chicago, in Wheaton, Illinois, the arts are flourishing as well, and the residents of Wyndemere senior living community are taking full advantage. Located on 22 lush acres, Wyndemere encourages residents to pursue creative... Read More

October 20, 2017

A Google search for Senior Living Communities returns over 6.5 million options. It’s an overwhelming number layered on top of what can feel like an overwhelming endeavor. It’s difficult to know where to begin, but a few key questions will help you determine which community or type of community is... Read More

October 19, 2017

When natural disasters strike, the media often focuses on the individuals affected by such grueling events, as they pack up, board up their homes, and gather their belongings. But when storms strike near large senior living communities—where hundreds of seniors’ lives are at stake—an even greater level of planning and preparation... Read More

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