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What are the attributes of a well-managed community?
When choosing a senior living community, it’s critical to find out who owns and manages the community and to consider their reputation. Wyndemere is managed by Life Care Services, the leader in developing and managing senior living communities nationwide.

How can I find the best senior living value?
The best senior living value combines a package of services and amenities with access to health care and assisted living—all for an affordable entrance payment. At a community like Wyndemere, residents have the option to choose the plan that works best for them: LifeCare® or ContinuingCare™. Many communities also offer a choice of financial plans that refund a percentage of the entrance payment to you or your estate, depending on your preference. Simply put, this type of community gives you more value for your dollar without sacrificing peace of mind.

Where can I get help selling my home?
Your Personal Relocation Manager will make sure you have all the information you need to make smart decisions about the sale of your home. Through the Resident First™ Moving Advantage program, you'll be able to:

  • Choose a real estate agent from a highly skilled group of professionals to ensure you are getting the best representation.
  • Choose an agent who is a good “fit” for you, as you'll get two independent opinions and ultimately choose the agent and strategy that works best for you.
  • Have the expertise of your Personal Relocation Manager to work with you and your agent throughout the process.

How can I find out what my home is worth in today's market?
Your Personal Relocation Manager will recommend that at least two agents visit with you before your make a listing decision. Each agent will complete a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) for your home, a free analysis that gives you an understanding of the current real estate market and how it impacts the sale of your home.

Multiple opinions like this will help you make the smartest decision possible. Once you've chosen an agent to list your home, your Personal Relocation Manager will work with you and your agent to establish the marketing strategy to list your home in the best possible light.

The Personal Relocation Manager also recommends movers, helps evaluate estimates you receive for moving and reviews the final invoice to ensure you received all the services required at a fair price.

What about organizing and “rightsizing” my household?
Organizing and simplifying your household is a great way to focus on life’s most important aspects. That is why experts who specialize in organizing and eliminating clutter are in demand.

A professional organizer/planner can provide hands-on assistance preparing for the transition process, overseeing the details on moving day and getting settled into your new home. Items an organizer/planner can help you with include space planning, packing, move coordination, document management, unpacking and arranging, effective storage and decorating.

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