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Get your health back on track in our senior wellness center

Whether you or a family member needs rehabilitation, you can feel confident knowing Wynscape Health and Rehabilitation’s dedicated staff offers the highest level of compassion.

Wynscape’s rehabilitation center helps residents recover and return home after a surgery or illness. Restorative therapy is available in our comfortable, residential setting so residents recover and return home quickly following surgeries such as hip, knee or other joint replacement procedures. Wynscape's nursing home is one of the first to have a full-time physiatrist specializing in rehabilitation medicine on staff who works closely with all members of the care team to ensure optimal outcomes, and is key in facilitating a collaborative approach to the recovery process.

Our dynamic and skilled therapy team develops an individualized plan to restore each resident’s activity level and encourage independence that’s based on their prior level of function and ability. The goal is to restore their independence while supporting a safe and successful transition back home. Our available therapies include physical, occupational, speech and orthopedic rehabilitation.

We also offer a Transitions Program developed by our Care Coordination Team. This comprehensive discharge plan follows the resident back into the community to ensure a successful transition home. The team supports the resident’s success by coordinating, scheduling and communicating physician appointments, equipment needs, medication management and delivery of other home care services.

Wynscape also received Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF).

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