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You're in good hands at Wyndemere

As part of the Wynscape community, you'll experience a friendly environment where everyone is like family. In situations where individuals are in need of geriatric nursing services because of reduced mobility or a serious illness, 

Wynscape is ideal. Residents are able to enjoy an exceptional setting combined with around-the-clock skilled nursing care.

  • Wynscape is an intimate community where all rooms are private or semi-private and staff members are better able to respond to each person’s wants and needs.
  • Wynscape’s warm and friendly ambience helps promote socializing and friendship. Arrays of social, recreational and cultural activities help foster positive relationships.

Both short- and long-term residents enjoy:

  • Delicious restaurant-style meals
  • Warm and friendly neighborhood ambience

Wynscape has received the prestigious Five-Star Quality Rating through the Center for Medicare Services. Wynscape also received a zero-deficiency report from the Illinois Department of Public Health. Only eight percent of all nursing homes in Illinois achieve this score annually!

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