Get a firsthand perspective on life at Wyndemere.

Just like you, our residents were once weighing their senior living options. See what they like most about living here and why so many of them say, “I wish I’d made the move to Wyndemere a lot sooner.”

Wyndemere is a wonderful place. I love the sociability of everybody. I love the staff. I love my apartment. It’s wonderful to have cleaning done and meals prepared for you. It’s just a really, really great place and you meet lots of wonderful people.

Ida Lee, Wyndemere resident

Moving here is the smartest decision we ever made. We’ve been here over four years and every day we think we were very, very fortunate that we made the move.

Les and Mary Wiberg, Wyndemere residents

Wyndemere is a great place to live. A wonderful community. It’s not so large that you don’t know people. The staff knows your name. And there’s so many things to sign up for, you can’t begin to do them all.

Ed Ballard, Wyndemere resident

We go on wonderful trips into Chicago. Or we go down to the Lyric Opera for plays or we’ll go to Drury Lane for lunch. There’s always something to do. I’m glad I’m here.

Linda Bradley, Wyndemere resident

Wyndemere is very social. You meet somebody for dinner or at various activities, so you get to know a lot of people.

Kathy Cook, Wyndemere resident

My husband just fell in love with Wyndemere and we didn’t even look anywhere else.

Jean Guerkink, Wyndemere resident

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